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Client Newsletters & Newsflashes
Client Newsletters

Your core marketing tool

Client newsletters are a tried and trusted way to keep you top-of-mind with all your clients and prospective clients. That’s why professional firms have used them as a core marketing tool for decades - because they work.

Having specialised in this field for the past decade, we have seen first-hand how this low cost, low effort, highly effective marketing tool puts you at a huge competitive advantage. Our 10 year track record as experts in this field speaks for itself.

Start communicating with your clients today!

Our Client Newsletters keep you in touch with your target market every month:-
  • Easily
  • Effectively
  • Professionally
  • At minimum cost
Our newsletter options are not only highly effective, but also priced such that, big or small, we will structure a package perfectly suited to your firm's needs and resources. Whether it’s just our quality articles you are after, or a full-package newsletter service, we can help.

"Minimal Effort, Minimal Cost, Maximum Effect!"

Take a look at our two primary client newsletter services: LawDotNews (for Attorneys) and CA(SA)DotNews (for Chartered Accountants, available exclusively to SAICA members)

Our articles are short, simple, topical and practical – constantly giving your clients value, and constantly growing your firm’s goodwill.


For those times when you want to get a separate, bespoke message out to your client base in between your regular monthly newsletters. Use Newsflashes to update your clients on anything that’s urgent or that you want to draw particular attention to.
Websites & Blogs

Your online office

In today's world everyone is using the Internet to learn more about businesses. Be sure that you stay competitive by having a strong online presence that will show potential clients what differentiates you from the rest.

Make sure that your first impression is a good one

A good website is the cornerstone of any web marketing strategy, being your online office and a hub where you can showcase all of your business activity.

As with all DotNews services, we cater for all size firms, from large corporates wanting a fully customised bespoke website, through to sole practitioners looking for only a basic presence at a reasonable cost.

Big or small, let us help you!

Tailored to your firm's specific marketing needs, your website should be one of your most powerful tools for acquiring new business and maintaining your corporate image.


Keep your website engaging and increase traffic by including a blog. We can help with the setup and with integrating your newsletter articles and other sources of content.
Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps

Be in your Client's Pocket

Connect with your clients through our mobile app, designed specifically for both Law Firms and for Accountants. Branded for your firm and fully customisable, you can tweak it precisely to your needs.

Utilise your newsletter and website content

Your app can draw from any content you have published on your blog. This makes for a particularly powerful combination when using any of our newsletter services.
Available on both the Google Play and Apple stores, any client with a mobile phone can download your app - it doesn't matter if your client has the latest iPhone, Andriod or the most basic smart phone.

Phones are made to communicate

Your firm's app acts as a communication hub with all of your clients. Send out group notifications, or send out individual communications. Likewise, your clients can conveniently contact you through the app.
Corporate Branding
Corporate Branding

Define who you are

Strong, effective branding is absolutely essential for your practice to succeed as a profitable business. It not only differentiates you from your competition by underpinning your entire corporate identity, but it also communicates to your target market exactly who you are.

Stand out, be bold

Strong branding should never be underestimated - the image your firm presents affects your clients (and potential clients) on a deep sub conscious level.
Is your firm modern and exciting, fully Internet capable? Is it also highly professional and qualified? Does it have a solid track record of competency and high service levels? Are you specialists or do you offer a wide range of services? Your branding can convey all that and more:–

Visually, powerfully and repeatedly.

Through our trusted suppliers we can provide you with designs for everything from your letterheads to all your other stationery needs.

Let us help you!

A strong corporate identity is essential to your firm’s success. Let us help you maximise yours with our no-obligation DotNewsConnect Brand Consultation service.
Social Media
Social Media

Spread your social wings

Social Media has taken the Web by storm. It's strange to think, but Facebook has only been around since 2007. Although that's relatively recent, every business, big or small, should have at least a basic Social Media presence.

Facebook was established 2 years after DotNews!

Choosing the right Social Media for your firm is crucial. Whether it's LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Google+, your firm needs to know how to engage with your audience on the correct platforms.

Social Media is the perfect integrator and can be a great way to get the word out and boost your campaigns. A good Social Media presence is also great for your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Engage with your audience

We offer Social Media consultancy, set-up and integration plans to kick-start and boost your presence on the platforms you need to be on.
Email Branding
Email Branding

Make every message count

How many emails do you send at work every day? Well, if you “do the math”, you’ll realise that you are personally sending out around 1,000 emails every month and, in fact, by the end of the year you will have sent at least 10,000 emails. That’s a pretty big digital footprint.

Harness the power of your emails

Think about your firm as a whole, and how many emails cumulatively are being sent to clients, potential clients and business partners.
Email Branding allows you to harness the full power of your everyday business communications. It allows you to keep all you branding and signatures consistent across many different users and provides powerful analytics so you can see which marketing messages are working.

Keep your branding consistent

To learn more about branded emails view our blog post or view a sample branded email.
Email Security & Archiving
Email Security & Archiving

Your peace of mind

Email-borne security threats remain a major concern. Robust, up-to-date email security is more important than ever. The fact of the matter is that no organisation of any size can afford to go bare on e-mail security nowadays.

Make sure that you are secure

We offer a premium e-mail security and content management service, which effectively protects you against Internet threats coming in via e-mail, whilst ensuring low cost of ownership.

DotNews has also become a proud provider of a cloud-based email archiving solution dealing with over 250 million emails each month. This product will be in compliance with the upcoming POPI legislation as well as meeting other governance criteria such as the Electronic Communications and Transactions (ECT) Act.

Are you POPI compliant?

Our solution is an email archiving and retrieval solution, designed and structured for any size practice.