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Our track record since 2005 speaks for itself - have a look at what our clients have to say about us below.
The LawDotNews client newsletter was started in 2005 to provide law firms with a highly professional, effective, low effort, low cost marketing service in the form of the LawDotNews client newsletter.

Grow Your Practice

Grow your practice with regular, quality communication! For the cost of a business lunch, imprint your firm’s name in the minds of your best clients and prospective clients!
Use the principle of “spaced repetition” to stay top-of-mind with your clients (and prospective new clients) and they will automatically think of your firm whenever they need legal assistance of any sort.

Keeping you in Touch!

Stay in touch with your clients and prospective clients by adding them to your mailing list and providing them with a quality, highly informative monthly newsletter.
How It Works
Top of Mind

Keeping you in Touch

Every month your clients and prospective clients receive a personalised newsletter sent to them via e-mail under your firm’s compliments slip. The information in LawDotNews (available in both English and Afrikaans) is short, simple and topical – information of practical interest and value to your clients. Information that will encourage them to seek your advice and assistance.

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You also receive the “Attorney version” of LawDotNews before the “Client version” is sent to your clients. The “Attorney version” has links to cases and other references that will provide you with all the information you need should a recipient have a question or need assistance, and to make your research much easier. Every month we provide you with the content, design and transmission -

All you need to do is provide us with your recipient list

Marketing your law firm has never been easier!
The Author
Jack Crook

Jack Crook

LawDotNews is authored by Jack Crook, whose legal qualifications (LLB Lond and LLB Rhod) are supplemented by over 40 years’ practical experience in the legal, insolvency and marketing professions.

This diverse background, together with decades of hands-on experience in running his own firm and seeing “the other side of the coin” as a consumer of legal services, has given Jack a unique insight into what clients will and won’t find useful in the way of legal information. The demand is for updates and guides that are helpful on a practical level.
In our hectic modern world, there is no time for theory. What your clients want and need is quick communication in plain, simple language. It must be short, simple, topical and useful. It must constantly give your clients value; only then does it grow your firm’s goodwill.

Jack meets this need for you. You will be telling your clients about the new opportunities and threats that our dynamic legal system keeps throwing at them. You will be telling them clearly and succinctly how our law can work for or against them, the pitfalls to avoid, and the opportunities to grasp.

How LawDotNews helps you

Products & Pricing

Our Newsletter Services
Available in English & Afrikaans
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Have a look at the table below to see the unique features and costing of our “Classic”, “ClassicPlus”, Custom and Copyright Licencing client newsletter options. One them will be perfect for you!
See sample
See samples
See sample
Your Own Branding Yes - in your compliments slip Yes - throughout Yes - throughout
Template Template 1 with the LawDotNews green Choose from multiple templates and customise the colouring and images A fully bespoke template to your specification
Content LawDotNews articles and custom messages LawDotNews articles; custom messages and optional marketing banners Your choice of LawDotNews articles (current and archived) plus your own content if any
Transmission to your mailing list We transmit your newsletter for you to your mailing list on a monthly basis
Online Integration of your newsletters with your online pages We integrate your newsletters with your website/blog, Social Media and other marketing channels -* Hyperlinks to your website/blog (no charge)* Social Media icons with hyperlinks (no charge)*Online publishing of your legal newsletter to your website/blog/social media via our "Internet Pages" service (See below for pricing)
Cost Set up (once off) R1,250 R1,250 (waived for existing subscribers) R1,500
Monthly subscription R390 up to 100 recipients (we will quote for larger lists) R540 up to 100 recipients (we will quote for larger lists) R1,500 up to 500 recipients (we will quote for larger lists)
Recipients Cost
(See sample)
up to 100 R390
(See sample)
up to 100 R540
(See sample)
up to 500 R1,500
*We will quote seperately for larger packages

Copyright Licence

In addition to our Client Newsletters, we also offer a service where you can choose from all our LawDotNews articles (current and archived) as you wish to use in your own newsletters, websites, blogs and other marketing channels.  You manage transmission to recipients yourselves. (R1,000 pm + VAT)


For those times when you want to get a separate, bespoke message out to your client base in between your regular monthly newsletters. Use Newsflashes to update your clients on anything that’s urgent or that you want to draw particular attention to. (R500 + VAT each) View Sample Newsflash

Internet Pages

If you would like to publish your newsletter online, our "Internet Pages" service allows for publication of your legal newsletter to your website/blog/social media channels. (nominal R50 p.m. + VAT for one Page, R100 p.m. + VAT for two or more Pages)

Blog Management

If you require your LawDotNews articles on your blog, we'll happily manage the monthly upload process and ensure that your newsletter helps drive traffic to your blog through the use of "read more" links. (R250 p.m. + VAT)
Sample Newsletters

Available in English & Afrikaans


The classic format of the LawDotNews newsletter has changed over the years, but the basic principles have stayed the same. The first thing your client sees is your branding and contact details in the top compliments slip, then LawDotNews branding in the main body of the newsletter.

Starting at R390 + VAT per month.


The ClassicPlus is your ideal choice if you want more personalisation in your newsletter whilst maintaining the exceptional cost-effectiveness of the LawDotNews system. Choose from multiple templates customised entirely in your own branding and colour scheme, and add/swap/remove articles as you wish.

Starting at R540 + VAT per month.


Our Custom Newsletter option is a premium service in which we provide you with a dedicated account manager to create and transmit a completely bespoke newsletter on a monthly basis for you. Include your own content, draw upon our extensive archives of previous LawDotNews articles or do something completely different - the choice is up to you.

Starting at R1,500 + VAT per month.
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