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Our track record in client newsletters speaks for itself - have a look at what our clients have to say about us below.
FinDotNews provides financial advisory firms with a highly professional, effective, low effort, low cost marketing service in the form of a monthly newsletter which is sent out on your behalf to your clients.

Grow Your Practice

Grow your practice with regular, quality communication! For the cost of a business lunch, imprint your firm’s name in the minds of your best clients and prospective clients!

Use the principle of “spaced repetition” to stay top-of-mind with your clients (and prospective new clients) and they will automatically think of your firm whenever they need financial assistance of any sort.

Keeping you in Touch!

Stay in touch with your clients and prospective clients by adding them to your mailing list and providing them with a quality, highly informative monthly newsletter.
How It Works
Top of Mind

Connecting You to Your Clients

Every month your clients and prospective clients receive a personalised newsletter sent to them via e-mail in your firm's branding. The information in FinDotNews is short, simple and topical – information of practical interest and value to your clients. Information that will encourage them to seek your advice and assistance.

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You also receive the “Financial Advisors version” of FinDotNews before the “Client version” is sent to your clients. The “Financial Advisors version” has links to source material and other references that will provide you with all the information you need should a recipient have a question or need assistance. Every month we provide you with the content, design and transmission.

All you need to do is provide us with your recipient list

Marketing your financial advisory firm has never been easier!
The Authors
Our Authors

A Panel of the Best

FinDotNews is authored by some of the best in the business. Our articles are all written by a team comprising a qualified CFP® Professional, a seasoned financial journalist with years of experience for major publications, and a creative writing maestro with two best-selling books under his belt.

Linda Graham is a fully qualified CFP® Professional who also happens to boast more than two decades of marketing experience. As the founder of FinCommunications, she understands the theory of financial planning — and she knows how to communicate it to clients.

Patrick Cairns is one of South Africa’s most respected financial journalists. After a decade at Moneyweb he was made South Africa editor of prestigious international publication Citywire. His technical knowledge is matched only by his ability to translate this into plain English.

Nick Dall is a veteran journalist with bylines in over a hundred local and international magazines. He has a Master’s in Creative Writing and is the best-selling author of two books on South African history. As Fincommunications’ chief writer, he knows how to craft stories that will resonate deeply with your clients.

How FinDotNews Helps You

Newsletters & Pricing

Our Newsletter Services

Choose Your Customisable Package

Differentiate your brand and communication from other advisors – while maintaining the benefits of automated marketing
*All of our services are month-to-month contracts*

  • Monthly transmission of your newsletter in your name.
  • FinDotNews articles - no option to Add / Swap / Remove.
  • Limited to only one template.
  • A compliment slip with your firm's branding and contact details.
  • Insert your own custom messages in your compliment slip.
  • FinDotNews branding in the main newsletter body.
  • A half hour customisation work every month in compliment slip only.

Starting at
R480 p.m. + vat
for up to 100 recipients
Setup fee: R1,650 + vat

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  • Monthly transmission of your newsletter in your name at a time of your choosing.
  • Draw on all of FinDotNews' articles — current and archived.
  • A completely bespoke newsletter designed to your specification.
  • A dedicated account manager to co-ordinate the creation of each month's newsletter.
  • Option to add your own additional content.
  • Detailed analytics and in-depth reporting on recipients.
  • Three hours customisation work anywhere in your monthly newsletter.

Starting at
R1,800 p.m. + vat
for up to 500 recipients
Setup fee: R2,200 + vat

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Tip: Get a fully integrated marketing solution - a ClassicPlus newsletter with a Connector Site and Blog Management works out to R1,045 + vat p.m. (R3,850 + vat once off setup fee)

Copyright Licence

In addition to our Client Newsletters, we also offer a service where you can choose from our entire Library of FinDotNews articles to use in your own newsletters, websites, blogs and other marketing channels. You manage transmission to recipients yourselves. (R1,050 p.m. + vat)

Newsletter Add-on Services


For those times when you want to get a separate, bespoke message out to your client base in between your regular monthly newsletters. Use Newsflashes to update your clients on anything that’s urgent or that you want to draw particular attention to. (R650 + vat per newsflash)

Internet Pages

If you would like to publish your newsletter online, our "Internet Pages" service allows for publication of your newsletter to your website/blog/social media channels. (R75 p.m. + vat)

Social Media Management

Weekly social media postings for your firm. Every month a dedicated account manager provides you with a schedule for that month’s posts, utilising a combination of your newsletter content and other relevant marketing content. (Starting at R590 p.m. + vat for one channel and R160 + vat per additional channel)

Blog Management

If you already have a website but want your FinDotNews articles posted to your blog, we'll happily manage the monthly upload process and ensure that your newsletter helps drive traffic to your existing site. (R320 p.m. + vat)

Connector Sites

Get a fully fledged website with up to 10 pages and blog management (see above), free security updates, hosting, monthly maintenance, basic SEO and more. (R425 p.m. + vat and a once-off setup fee of R2,100 + vat)
Other Services

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Marketing your firm has never been easier!