Why every professional firm should brand its emails

Are you an accountancy firm wanting to move into BEE advisory services? How about an attorney wanting to highlight a new property law division? It’s always a great feeling expanding your service offerings and growing your business.

Now you need to tell your clients all about it.  You need to tell them – and keep reminding them until it sinks in – about your full range of services.  How best to go about it?

There are many ways that a firm can give their marketing materials exposure, all of which have their own unique advantages.

For the launch of our new email marketing and social media services, we dusted off our marketing lists, got in touch with our affiliate marketing contacts and started spreading the word – all with great response.

However, there was one tool in particular that we found invaluable – branded emails.

What are Branded Emails?

Email BrandingA branded email isn’t simply an email branded with your business logo. It’s a powerful solution for adding a marketing message to every single email your firm sends out.

Not only does it provide a great impression with beautifully branded emails, but the marketing message at the top is guaranteed to be seen by the recipient. The ability to choose multiple rotating banners ensures that each of your clients is exposed to a variety of your messages.  It also provides flexibility to make sure that the right message goes out at the right time. This, in addition to eye-catching creative and subtle marketing messages is guaranteed to make every client you communicate with aware of your new services.

Increasing Awareness and Changing Perceptions

brainHaving been a specialist eNewsletter provider for almost 10 years (our 10th birthday is coming up this November!), we at DotNews have a long established relationship with many of our clients.

Building on this, a key focus of ours was on how to increase awareness about our new services and also change perceptions about what we do. Changing perceptions is a tricky thing, as it involves getting your message into your client’s subconscious.

A great way of doing just this is using spaced repetition – having many small reminders moves the message from short term memory into long term memory and therefore into the subconscious – mission accomplished!

In fact, this is what we’re doing now! Is it working? It could work for you too.

Final Thoughts

The proof is in the pudding. We’ve found these banners to be incredibly effective at increasing awareness of our new services. Think about how they could increase awareness of both your new and your existing services.

Best of all, getting your message and your brand across to your clients is virtually effortless.

Our system ensures that your branding and signatures are consistent, as everything is managed from one central platform; recipients are guaranteed to be exposed to your message, as it’s in the main email’s body.

A full reporting suite allows you to see exactly which messages are working and the kind of interest they are generating.

So if you’re looking for a new channel to communicate with your clients, promote new services and improve client awareness, our DotMailBranding solution might just be the kick-start your firm needs.